Camp Improvement Projects



  • Pavilion 
  • Founders Memorial
  • Complete paint kitchen floors
  • Renovate boys bathhouse
  • Replace floor in back bathroom of ladies staff cabin
  • Create video tour of camp

Projects Completed in 2019

Projects Completed in 2017

  • Purchased Gator for caretaker use
  • Re-roofed caretaker house
  • Replaced benches at fire pit
  • Purchased first aid bag including blood pressure cuff and pulse oxygen devise

Projects Completed in 2016

  • Re-painted pool
  • Re-roofed all study huts
  • Upgraded plumbing in dishwashing area
  • Purchased AED for emergency use
  • Paid additional $15,000 on loan
  • Added $10,000 to swimming pool fund

Project Completed in 2015:

  • Renovate girls hath house
  • Replace flooring in mens staff cabin.
  • A fund was opened with $10,000 for the repair/replacement of the pool
  • Paid additional $20,000 toward principle of loan

Projects Completed in 2014:

  • Largest total number of campers in recent history.
  • Completed new metal roofs on all cabins.
  • Sealed floors in kitchen, dish washing area and serving area.
  • Renovated bathroom in ladies staff cabin.
  • Reunion/Auction held in May was a success.
  • Paid additional $15,000 toward principle of loan

In 2011 a lightning-generated electrical fire destroyed the B-4 cabin. With the payment from the insurance company and the labor donated by the Boardtown church of Christ we were able for rebuild a larger cabin to support Camp Wetoga’s growing needs.
The Board met in December 2011 and unanimously approved the motion to borrow the money needed to make the necessary changes to our kitchen to bring it up to code. This work was completed in time for camp season 2012 making the kitchen a nicer, cooler, safer place to work. Thanks to all who helped to pull this project together. God bless you for your time and effort to do this.

With ever rising operational costs and the loan repayment of the new kitchen we are still in need of an increase in our regular monthly contributions. Please consider making a donation to Camp Wetoga. Even small contributions of $10 or $25 per month will make a HUGE difference! Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner in this good work.

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